We are...

A recording company that specializes in producing Urban Contemporary, Smooth Jazz, and R&B music, services, and events. The label was developed and established in advocacy to uphold the integrity of the artists and the value of artistic creation. It is now possible for relatively unknown artists to produce, manufacture, and distribute their works via openly competitive and independent mediums such as the internet, consignments, and a host of many music distributors and retailers.

We specialize in producing recordings that have a "pulse" on the community: the music savvy buying public. We encourage our artists to maintain their positive creativity and freedom of expression, while at the same time, cater to and acknowledge the demands of the well informed music listener and patron. Equipped with a solid team and label support system, our artists are able to propagate their creative ideas to new heights. Within the realm of fulfilling the professional expectations of the service and price sensitive consumer, our team is purposed with producing music that brings “ecstatic joy” and wholly adds value to their overall entertainment experience.

Our Mission

To produce and distribute music that is right, pious, and intellectually stimulating as well as entertaining. To subscribe to and uphold the highest standards of integrity in our dealings with our artists, musicians, business associates, affiliates, vendors, and patrons. It is our every intention to provide the absolute highest quality products and services in an orderly and timely manner. Our distinction as being reputable, professional, innovative, and "leading edge," are of the utmost priority and importance.