All On Me                      Beth Phillips          

Description: Hip, Stylish, Acoustic, and Original vocals from newcomer Beth Phillips. Well written music and conceptual songs that live with you forever.Hip, Stylish, Acoustic, and Original vocals from newcomer Beth Phillips. Well written music and conceptual songs that live with you forever.

Songs: Songs: Friendship Is Forever, Do What I Gotta Do, Girls’ Night out, Come Get it, Day After Day, Fake, My Way, Raindrops, All On Me, Symphony For Love.

Song Count: 10; Run Time: 40.55 minutes;
Release: 2008                   



Perseverance               Quintin Gerard W.

Description: This follow up effort by Quintin Gerard W. is nothing less than sensational. Quintin Gerard W. reemphasizes his Fnkysax by coalescing the essential elements of Funk, R&B, Gospel, Blues, and Jazz. On this CD, Quintin explores various rhythmic and melodic expressions to the fullest in an overwhelming and exhaustive undertaking to take his listeners on an aural odyssey.

Sensual passages complimented by his warm and soothing tone will satisfy your desires and tastes for maximum Jazz Saxophone pleasure.

While his debut CD “Fnkysax” took the Smooth Jazz scene by surprise, "Perseverance" continues to establish Quintin Gerard W. as one true pioneer in the world of Jazz by navigating the uncharted territories of Urban Contemporary Jazz music! Blazing the trail and catapulting Jazz music into a future inundated with substance, strength, and revived popular appeal!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the new and exhilarating sounds of Perseverance!

Songs: Kickin It Real, Lovin’ Every Minute of It, Freedom’s Cry, Everyday Routine, Man and A Woman, Relationships, E.I.T.Y. (Everytime I Think of You), Last Call From Miles, Perseverance, Don’t Look At me (Like That Baby).

Song Count: 10; Run Time: 43.97 minutes
; Release: 2006                 

Fnkysax                        Quintin Gerard W.

Description: This first solo release "Fnkysax" has received the attention of "Smooth Jazz" critics globally and has made Quintin Gerard W. one of the Jazz "sensations" of year! Reviews like "Sax man Quintin Gerard W. is a Smooth Jazz Star!" and "It's inconceivable that a collection of the quality of "Fnkysax" will not make Quintin Gerard W. an overnight Smooth Jazz sensation" are examples of what the experts have to say about this dynamic artist!

As Scott O'Brien of the noted Smooth Jazz internet radio station "" says..."Remember the name, Quintin Gerard W. You'll be hearing a lot more of it in the future!"

Songs: Smooth Jazz Flavor, Now And Forever, Hip’notized, Days We Remember, Fnkysax, All By Myself, Opportunity, The Weekend’s Here, Elnora, Flute Fnk’, Loved Ones, Road Games, Smooth Jazz Flavor (Radio Edit), Opportunity (Radio Edit).

Song Count: 14; Run Time: 55.52 minutes
; Release: 2004